Our Story

Built with purpose and passion

Vision Flourish was founded by the globally recognized behavior change specialist and marketing professional, Roya Kazemi. Ms. Kazemi has devoted the last decade of her professional life to exclusively engaging various audiences to advance urban sustainability and environmental quality.

In 2009, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office tapped Ms. Kazemi to be New York City’s first Director of GreeNYC, a startup marketing program dedicated to helping the city achieve its ambitious sustainability goals. In that position, Ms. Kazemi meticulously developed marketing strategies that appealed to the city’s more than 8 million residents to take easy, meaningful steps to live more sustainably.

Ms. Kazemi was so inspired by the effectiveness of these campaigns and the potential impacts of local governments to address climate change that she decided to launch Vision Flourish in order to apply her experiences beyond New York City government.

Since its founding in 2017, Vision Flourish has helped dozens of cities build campaigns to meet their sustainability goals. In partnership with the Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN), Vision Flourish developed the agency’s seminal framework, Marketing for Action, a toolkit to help sustainability offices launch strategic behavior change campaigns.

Drawing on a deep knowledge of the governmental and nonprofit sectors, Vision Flourish solutions are resource-savvy and strategized to navigate each sector’s pressures and constraints while seeking to leverage their skills and experiences.

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